Thursday, April 30, 2015

Three Mental Illness Stigma Quotes and Conversations | Recovering from Mental Illness - HealthyPlace

Three Mental Illness Stigma Quotes and Conversations | Recovering from Mental Illness - HealthyPlace

I once felt it was my mission to share my mental illnesses with everyone in hopes my transparency would educate others and reduce stigma. Not anymore. Some people are closed minded, ignorant and downright cruel. Take care of yourself and guard your privacy. Of course, if you are a danger to yourself and/or others, seek professional help. Just know there continue to be grave misconceptions regarding mental illness.

Study posits presidents had mental illness | The Chronicle

Study posits presidents had mental illness 

Um, sleep apnea is not a mental illness. Still, enlightening article on how mental illness does not discriminate. Also, encouraging to know in many cases, people with mental illnesses can rise above and reach their self determined quality of life.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Invisible Illness

Found this wonderful site, Mad in America ( which is written by medical experts, specifically those in the psychology field, about the misuse of diagnoses and medications. Story after story of how patients' lives were completely altered by the medical community. That is a danger with invisible disabilities- even medical professionals cannot diagnose invisible illnesses with certainty. Face it, even though clinicians use the DSM as guidelines for identifying symptoms, psychology in itself is subjective. Disorders rely on patient's reports, and who can measure one feelings compared to others? How does one even identify the norm? Depression,for instance, is frequently measured by The Beck Depression Inventory, where the individual rates himself on a scale of 1 -10. Questions ask things related to sleep, appetite, happiness and sadness.  At one period of my life, I would go 48 hours without sleep. I remember having a sense of accomplishment when I slept for two hours straight. Lately, I sleep anywhere from ten to twelve hours a night. Eight hours would seem excessive a few years ago, but it is not enough now. How do you measure things like sleep and mood? Results determine diagnosis labels, and ultimately medication. Think about the huge room for error!
This website is an eye opener to the power given to medical professionals.
Do I truly have Depression? Anxiety? PTSD? Attention Deficit Disorder? Agoraphobia?
Do I need to be on medication? Which one(s)? How much?
What if they're wrong? What if I'm wrong?

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Great Blog

Just found a great blog on suicide and mental illness here.


Can't get into rhythm of writing due to all the world's distractions.

But I can't let my audience down. So... what to write...?

How 'bout a poem?

Mental illness, depression...
Artful expression...
Biblical meaning,
God's glory beaming.
Disability related-
Ocean elated.
All this things I write about -
Yet impossible when my muse's  without...

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Agoraphobia Poem

Staying under the covers
Away from the others
About time for church 
I plot and I search.
Safer to stay
in bed for the day.
I should go... instead-
I remain in my head.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Article Stating What We Have Known For Years,,,

As a recovering user, this photo made my mouth salivate! Those days are over... though the craving will always be there.Benzodiazapines