Monday, March 19, 2018

Worship Art

Spent the entire day immersed in Word, communing with the Holy Spirit. Thank you, Father.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Need Help

Please help.



Not knowing myself, not liking myself,
Either way... I feel quite strange.
Learning and growing, implementing and knowing -
Evidently, resulting in change.
Shedding the past, this persona will last,
Leaving life chunky behind.
No one needs to understand, what I feel is God's plan,
As I step into this life chapter of mine.

Saturday, March 10, 2018


On #Reba fan club page. #strawberryfestival

Service Dog

So I haven't been pushing my Gofundme page for a new service dog because the vet said Jireh has a good 4 more years of working for me. Yesterday, Jireh was sick so I made her lay down all day.

Well, I fell on my ribs and in severe pain. I was told to lay around as much as I can so my ribs will heal. I have a high pain tolerance, and let me tell you... I am in SEVERE PAIN! I can't drive to FSU so this really awesome guy came to my place so I can rest while he and his friend excercised Ji. They wore her out!

So I need to push my request for donations to get a new 8 - 10 week old golden retriever to start training. If I lost Jireh, I will lose my independence. I need to train a puppy while Jireh is still able to help me. Please donate whatever you can. Thanks.

Copy link into your browser.

Your support would mean a lot to me. Thank you so much!

Getting Back to My Routine

Trying to get back into my Quiet Times with Jesus after my mini vacation. While all the socializing was fun, my mind is full of worldly things, and I need to get back in my routine of spending my days in The Word. So I won't be on social media as much. I'm struggling to find balance between my online job blogging versus basking in His Presence.

Monday, my friend is coming up from Orlando to replace the donut with a real tire. Until then, I will be ghosting (unplugged, reading, writing, worshipping). BTW- I am so thankful I live alone... I would never connect with Him so intimately otherwise. Remember my last boyfriend would want to spend time with me and I resented him for taking me away from quiet time with Jesus? That was a huge part of me moving to Tallahassee.

I have the perfect life. My friends understand my quirks and faults so I am able to be myself. For that, I am beyond grateful.