Friday, May 18, 2018

News Interview on my Social Security Cut

Since I cannot live off the updated amount of my Disability check, I contacted news media. Here is a video I took with my phone.  I apologize for the low volume and poor quality. If I can get a clip from the station, I will post.

My appeal was denied. I am scared because none of my relatives support me, and my sweet friends cannot help me on a regular basis.

I know God has me. Yet, I am very scared. This isn't how I imagined my life. I have been hugging my pillow, laying in a ball and crying. I am petrified.

Laying in a ball doesn't help change my situation, so I am trying to immerse myself in writing.

There is no option to appeal again. This isn't about Disability Determination. I have emailed the reporter asking who I have can contact at the Capital.

To be continued.

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