Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Benefits of Depression

Benefits of Recurring Depression

This blog will soon split off into a devotional blog and a counseling blog. I've been torn on how to incorporate the two into one blog without chasing away non-believers. Hang in there as I make further transitions!

So let’s discuss mental illness, shall we? As mentioned before, I’ve been everywhere from being a Licensed therapist to a suicidal patient in a mental ward. Speaking of transitions!! The contrasts are vast, from the people I hung around to whether or not I had a roof over my head. I’m good now, thank God. Yet depression is a lifelong condition, which can poke its head up at any time. Once you have suffered the depths of depression, it can get easier.

·       You’ll discover the hopelessness and lethargy are temporary; you CAN feel better again.

·       You find out who your true friends are… and are NOT.

·       You better understand the mental health system, including knowing which statements cause alarm.

·       You learn some things are better left unsaid.

·       You have better empathy for others suffering from depression.

·       On a similar note, you have no patience for people who carelessly use the word ‘depression’ to describe a bad mood or upsetting circumstance.

·       You learn after trial and error which medications/techniques/therapies help you best.

·       You know what to expect.

While three depressive episodes indicate the need for lifelong treatment, experience can be beneficial when struggling through the hard times. Knowing you have made it before proves you can make it again.

When all else fails, take life 5 minutes at a time…

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