Monday, January 1, 2018

The First Resolution For Success

Started this on new blog, Mediaism. - Happy New Year! Starting my first Bullet Journal today to keep me focused. I always reply to messages and calls immediately, not only taking away from MY TIME, but messing up my mind space. I am a full-time writer, and part of my resolution is to stay on a strict schedule. In fact, this is turning into a long blog post which will be continued on either or my other new blog. Setting boundaries dictate the details of my day as interruptions themselves irritate me. Add on the necessity of switching thought processes, which frequently lead to emotional energy, and by the time I finish addressing the interruption, my thoughts, emotions, and physical stamina are majorly depleted. That's why people with attention deficit disorder tend to have several projects started, and years (yes, YEARS) go by with the same to-do lists. My goals for 2018 are the same goals as 2017, 2016... even 2010! So this year, my top goal is to set strict boundaries. Forbidding interruptions help to focus on what truly matters.

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