Tuesday, January 2, 2018

World Introvert Day

 My dear friend is hooking me up for my second visit to The Bohemian Celebration Hotel, which is truly DREAM-LIKE! Last time I stayed there, I truly felt a high as if I was on some phenomenal drug. The hotel makes me feel like a little girl playing Princess in the Castle...

Well, the hotel is located in my former home town (pre-college days) so I want to see the friends I love. But the more I plan, the tighter my chest is getting. My Crohn's is kicking in as I try fitting everyone in three short days of paradise. 

However, It's The Bohemian Celebration! MY DREAM HOTEL! I want to relax and enjoy the hotel and write on my patio and walk the quaint town with my Jireh...

I have become the one person I so often criticize for allowing them to make me feel like a burden when they are too busy for me. My dilemma is becoming a lesson in self-care. Other's being "too busy" isn't about me. It doesn't mean they don't love me. It means they have set healthy boundaries, prioritizing what is needed to be their best.

Some people need to stay busy. Being active gives them purpose and satisfaction. People energize them. These are extroverts.

My friend is on the go non-stop. After trying to connect with her, I told her I would go INSANE with her schedule!  Not to mention physically, but mentally and emotionally... I have a limited supply, and when it's gone...  when I start getting over stimulated, you need to step away. I get MEAN with the flip of a switch. I don't want to be that person. 

I am an introvert to the highest degree. A recluse. That doesn't mean I don't love my friends... it means I need to show them my love by taking care of myself. 

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